I'm getting sloppy with these lists.
  1. Bed
  2. Grown men wearing visible socks inside sensible shoes.
    Read into this what you like. It means there is order in the world.
  3. Dorky teenagers looking like turtles in back packs that are way too big for them.
  4. Routine
  5. Real friends
    Actual like FRIENDS, ones that you can tell anything to. They are real; I think.
  6. When I cook!
    I can do it guys!
  7. Full Pajamas.
  8. Falling asleep to a really good book.
    When you have to force yourself to bed.
  9. Finding a favorite movie on tv and watching it with commercials.
    It's like the old times.
  10. When people like my posts.
    This isn't true. Posting is just for fun. Okay, this sometimes true.
  11. Emails from my dad
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  12. When the dry cleaner and I have a lovely conversation.