NYC. Feel free to guess the school should you like.
  1. Being very smart
  2. Making out with multiple people at homecoming parties
  3. Getting so drunk at these homecoming parties that you had to have your stomach pumped and have people talk about you on Monday
  4. Having "awkward Mondays" post homecoming
    Congrats you made out with so many people
  5. Hosting pregames
  6. Being the president of a club, like the newspaper
  7. Taking religion with Mr. DeVito and getting stoned with him
  8. Getting a perfect score on your SATS
  9. Being the first person to wear a fashion trend to school and having everyone know you were the first person
  10. Being of the male sex
  11. Getting into Harvard early
  12. Getting into Yale early
  13. Being in AP calculus
  14. Being very hot
  15. Having an older sibling who is also very hot
  16. Getting into Brown early
    Emphasis on COOL
  17. Looking exhausted like you've been studying all night, but pulling it off in a cool heroin chic way
  18. Falling asleep in the library because you've just been studying too much
  19. Loosing 20 pounds
  20. Having an adderall problem
  21. Being of the male sex
    Did I say this already?
  22. Getting published
  23. Smoking pot "down the hill"
  24. Driving to a fancy deli called "cold cuts" in your parent's car
  25. Nose job when you turn 16 from Dr. Tabal
  26. Being good at tennis but only until like 10th grade
    Suggested by @hillary
  27. Getting to school early enough to have breakfast before class and eating the top off a chocolate chip muffin. Also giving everyone a chance to see your outfit
  28. Just being a dude, like in, general