This going away when we go public
  1. Flight anxiety
  2. Stress headaches
  3. Occasional Insomnia
  4. Hangovers
  5. Feeling full
  6. Thinking you look uggo in a dress
  7. Being afraid to go to a party alone
    Although, as previously listed, I love doing this.
  8. Being scared after waking up after a bad dream
  9. Helping you deal with your emotions in a constructive way (NOT)
  10. Guilt after spending too much money
  11. Allowing you to sit down and enjoy a book without being nervous about 8 million other things
    This is actually a great use
  12. Enabling you to write lists willy nilly
    There are two types of listers. Willy nilly like me, and deliberate as hell and amazing like @chris
  13. Calming down after seeing how well your x is doing via the Internet
  14. Allowing you to sit down and finish what you're working on without exploding
  15. General self hatred
  16. Improving your social media brand and presence (NOT)