What's one more anxiety list on this app?
  1. Plane fly, obviously.
    Usually not. But I've been farely anxiety free for the past couple of days and I've gotta put those nerves somewhere!
  2. You don't make the plane.
    You don't leave on time because you are a terrible human and never do anything right.
  3. You left your wallet at home and cannot check in for your flight.
  4. You didn't book the right flight. You booked your ticket to fly yesterday.
  5. Worse: you hallucinated booking your entire trip.
  6. You make it! Security finds a tiny trace of a drug, left over from college, in your bag. You are immediately arrested.
  7. Sitting next to insane and or literally giant maniacs on plane. Also smellies or crazy talkers.
  8. Being paged at the gate. You are being kicked off the flight for being a terrible person. You are immediately arrested
  9. You have no Xanax.
  10. You are not in the aisle and crazy giant maniac will judge you for peeing so often and finally decide not to move from their seat.
  11. If there is a Lost style situation, there is no one good on your flight.
  12. You're not the hottest person on your flight. You are immediately a arrested.
  13. You land! They loose your bag. There is no chance you're getting it back.
  14. You get your bag! But that special birthday bourbon you bought for your dad's birthday spilled over all your clothes, even though you put it in a special compartment and packed it so well.
  15. Okay! Safe flight for me.xo.