I can't imagine that much has changed, but I'm sure there's more texting boys now. (Youngies on this app, chime in)
  1. The "Stop talking!!! You guys are SO immature! And I can't sleep!" girl
    The worst girl. We all feel slightly jealous because she seems to have it together. She now makes you feel bad for getting a second drink at dinner on a week night.
  2. The fall asleep right away girl
  3. The "Let's put toothpaste in sleeping-girl's bracelet and then draw stuff on her face!" girl
  4. The serious bed time regiment face washing, and retainer wearing girl. She is basically unrecognizable at night.
  5. The "Let's keep playing truth or dare!" girl
    We have no cool secrets. We are babies
  6. The "I'm hanging out with the host's older sister" girl
  7. The "why don't we just kiss?!" girl
    Not necessarily lesbian at all, just way more developed and horny than the rest of us.
  8. The giggle at nonsense all night; and get yelled at by parents because "it's just TOO late now! go to bed" girl(s)
    Me and @hillary
  9. The go-home in middle of night girl