A list written while waiting for someone late to dinner. 😎 this list suggests basic thoughts, but is observant so maybe redeemed
  1. A good or very funny writer.
    Ensures I have not ruined social media presence forever and am still a respectable and possibly hirable person.
  2. Someone with whom you have a mild flirtation
    Nothing more exciting
  3. Someone you're staring to date
    You've reached the point where they're not being withholding and weird about likes
  4. A stylish girl.
    Validates the post.
  5. Your boyfriend/ girlfriend
    They love you.
  6. A close friend.
    They're there for you and that ain't nothin. They love you so they love your post. (Hopefully they'll tell you if it's ruined you forever)
  7. A celebrity.
    I mean, come on. A celebrity is fun.
  8. Someone who is typically very withholding of likes
    Oh what made this photo worth a double click, you asshole who is on Instagram but thinks they're better than it. I hate that I like this liker.
  9. Constant liker who does nothing for me or you