I am complex. I am sometimes a few of theses. No judgment. Just facts.
  1. Girl that goes everyday and is best friend with the instructor. We constantly hear "great job Meredith!" Meredith gets to be touched during stretching. We all want to be touched during stretching.
  2. Perfect graceful barre girl. When she reaches her left arm high to the sky you wonder if she is a ballerina.
    @alina if our friendship ends, it will be because you are this girl and it's hard for me
  3. Really competitive girl. She stares at everyone the whole time and compares herself in the mirror.
  4. Girl who has NO idea what she's doing and therefore also stares at everyone, but it's okay. She'll get there.
  5. The one dude in the class.
    I've NEVER been in a class with more than one dude and very rarely even one, but more power to you guys.
  6. The hot mom/ older woman. Her arms are toned as hell. Her lululemon is en flique. Why is she so much better than I am? Because she can do this all day long.
  7. The very heavy breather. Every time she tucks, she breathes. Like a dad, or a woman in labor.
  8. Uncoordinated, but trying and getting better. Probably mind is elsewhere, like on writing this list.