I still have Woody Allen guilty that I don't live in NY feeling, but here are some things that are different about me.
  1. I know how to drive
    My journey with driving is too big for even this app. I'm certain I'll die each time I make a left turn.
  2. I get facials and talk about self-maintenance a lot
    I have a shower filter. LA water has chlorine and will turn your baby blonde green.
  3. I go to spin class
  4. I don't get anxious when I don't have plans
    I can stay home and read in my bed forever. It chill here.
  5. My go-to friends are not ones I have known my entire life
  6. I'm famous
  7. I'm having an affair with Brad Pitt
  8. I don't think putting on a bathing suit is a big deal
    Whatever, let's go swimming. I'm easy breezy
  9. I wear work out clothes everywhere
    Well not EVERYWHERE! I don't know if this is a change for the better, but I'm fine wearing leggings to a lunch. Is this interesting?
  10. I don't always drink at dinner :(
  11. I cook
  12. I never stay out past 2am
  13. I have friendships with dogs and on occasion even want one
  14. I'm having another affair with Bradley Cooper
  15. I make plans far in advance
  16. I say things like "in the books" over email.
    I know. This is terrible
  17. I'm having an affair with Angelina Jolie
    It's so awk
  18. I've gotten very comfortable and grown to love arriving at parties alone
    I can't organize my schedule around your schedule.
  19. I understand Los Angeles geography
    This is a lie.
  20. I wear color
    Tho tbh I credit this change more to the influence of @mindy than to California sun.
  21. I'm having an affair with Clint Eastwood