1. How you got that scratch on the back of your neck
  2. How or why they stumbled upon your Insta feed and liked a photo from years ago when they didn't even follow you
  3. How much sleep you actually got after a night of tossing and turning
  4. If someone drives that red Cadillac in the parking lot or if it just lives there
  5. Why they didn't call you back
    Except I'll know cause I'm smart as hell
  6. Why "Rude" by Magic did so well
  7. How much damage was already done during your first few days of life
  8. How many people secretly hate you
    Again I'll know
  9. How many people secretly love (have loved) you
  10. Who killed Hay Min Lee
    Or do we know? Probably, right?
  11. If they were thinking about you when you were thinking about them
  12. Who Shakespeare wuz
  13. What you look like
  14. If you look more like the shit mirror or da beauty mirror
  15. Who loved your tweet but didn't fav for weird withholding reasons
    Twitter psychology 101 babe
  16. A list of all da list app hook ups
  17. If people notice when you add to and edit your lists
    This was an addition!
  18. If your shrink thinks you're a complete mo