I don't mean some rager. I mean a nice gathering at someone's home. It's one of my favorite things to do.
  1. You are a free agent.
    If you hate it and want to leave. You leave. If you are having the time of your life taking to someone, you have no one to worry about babysitting.
  2. It's a cool confident move.
    You can be whoever you want to be! In a bad mood? Stand in the corner in a black dress and sulk. Someone is bound to talk to you. In a killer mood? Great
  3. You can always just go up to the people there and say "how do you know the host? I don't know anyone here"
    If it's a small enough party it's really no big deal.
  4. The world is your oyster.
    You don't know who you'll meet! You could find new friends and party hop to like 8 places in one night.
  5. You'll seem mysterious and cool.
    Someone's gonna stare at you from across the room.
  6. No one will be like "eew who is that weirdo with no friends." You were invited to the cool same party after all.
    And if someone does, they are truly an insecure shit-talking ZERO
  7. No one will tell you you have to change your outfit before leaving for the party.
    You wear what you want to wear!
  8. Think about people you look up to. Wouldn't they arrive at parties alone? No questions asked. Yes, they usually would.
  9. You'll feel sophisticated.
  10. Sometimes it's good to be independent and show yourself how confident you can be.
  11. I'm not saying always, but sometimes it's fun!
  12. Tip: if you can get your hands on some prescription anti-anxiety, you are golden and will shortly be the queen of the night. If not: maybe take a shot before you go.