I just can't fuck with this
  1. You pretend to have never met someone you've obviously met before
  2. You don't respond to emails to be cool
  3. You withhold "likes" to be cool
  4. You make a huge effort not to say hi to someone you know in a public place
    I don't want to talk to that rando either. They're the worst, but just be normal and wave, like a human.
  5. You won't date someone if you think their "crew" isn't cool enough
  6. You'll only date people from certain "crews"
    What is this? West Side Story?
  7. You think trying hard, being ambitious, or being involved is thirsty
  8. You think social media is lame and or thirsty
    Yeah duh, but it's also fun and a part of our modern life. Maybe this is just an insecurity thing because I think it's lame and yet i'm so involved. But we all do it, so shut up if you're not savvy
  9. You judge someone for getting another drink at dinner
  10. You think you're above therapy
    Not for everyone, but a lot of people need it.
  11. You complain about not having a job, but aren't really trying to get one
  12. You judge people for dipping into the bread basket
    They're not forcing carbs down your throat. Let them live
  13. You're a rich kid who can only be friends with other rich kids