Go, Griz! Just kidding, I don't care. List inspired by @helytimes
  1. Jon Krakauer's newest book is about my hometown!
    Dubious honor. I haven't started it yet (I'm nervous!) but have a feeling it's going to be terrible for enrollment at the UM.
  2. It is located in a valley which was once a prehistoric lake!
    Lake Missoula existed during the last ice age and contained about 2,100 cubic kilometers of water or about half of the water in Lake Michigan. You can still see rings on the mountains from the different water levels. Montana is basically a geologist's wet dream.
  3. A River Runs Through It
    The movie and book are based there but there is also a river that literally runs through the town. It's called the Clark Fork.
  4. Five mountain ranges converge in Missoula.
    The Bitterroots, the Sapphire Range, Rattlesnake Mountains, the Garnet Range and Reservation Divide. Things in Montana have the best names.
  5. The town really loves beer.
    The Orange Street Food Farm is #3 for sales of PBR...in the nation. It's extra impressive when you consider that the population of Missoula is 70,000.