1. What is the latest possible date I can start saving for the future?
    Like, is it already too late & should I just pray to God that I marry someone more responsible than me? 100% sure that I don't have an inheritance coming from some obscure family member and since I run my own business, get rich quick is out of the question. Get comfortable slowly is possible though so maybe I'll hope for that.
  2. Is it just totally nuts to consider having a kid by oneself?
    I'd like to have children and would be a good parent but haven't yet found My Person. Where should I spend my energy; dating or getting knock up? Honestly, I'm taking suggestions. And was convinced to join Tinder last weekend. If nothing else, it's truly entertaining.
  3. What's the one thing that I'm not doing that could make my life that much better?
    You know those little changes that end up having a huge impact and once you do then you wonder what took you so long? If someone could give me my top 5, that would be great.