I was there for work but I managed to enjoy the following;
  1. Cacio e Pepe soft scrambled eggs at Maialino
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    I love a savory breakfast and this was the ultimate. A bowl full of soft scrambled eggs, pecorino & pepper served with view of Gramercy Park. Oh la la
  2. Everything at El Rey
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    This was my favorite meal of the trip! Can't choose a favorite dish although the sardine tostada, green mole and cauliflower with egg are all stand outs. Just look how happy I am! Also, nicest staff of anyplace I've ever been.
  3. Pizza at Emily's
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    This place was just around the corner from where is stayed and on my last night, I finally tried it. Great crust and unusual topping combos made me wish I had come sooner. The Colony pizza was a stand out; spicy & slightly sweet.
  4. Pork tacos at Los Tacos #1
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    It's hard to believe the Chelsea Market has good food but it does & this is proof. The tortillas are made to order and it gave CA taquerias a run for their money. (I used the Taco Grease filter on this photo, hence the blur.)
  5. Chard with Poached Egg & Bottarga at Roman's
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    Roman's, along with Diner, are two of my favorite places in NYC. In my sliding doors life, I live around the corner and go every Sunday and most birthdays. They always have a 'bitter' drink special, which is feel is just for me.
  6. Roasted Carrot & Avocado Salad with Crusty Seeds
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    This was insanely delicious and I just saw the recipe in Food 52's new Genius Recipe cookbook. I can't wait to make it at home! 👍