I just learned that you aren't suppose to keep this many open.
  1. Tara Stiles' YouTube channel because I love yoga that takes 10 minutes and Tara Stiles.
  2. The Forbes article via Curbed about how San Francisco is literally the worst place for renters. I rent.
  3. The recipe for oven roasted chicken shawarma from the NTY that I have made the last two weekends in a row. I like it served with the tahini sauce from TJ's & some harissa + the fattoush salad from the AOC cookbook. The recipe is from the NYT Cooking newsletter by Sam Sifton, which I really like.
  4. An article I found when trying to find out the name of the actors playing Pakastanis in Homeland (I just caught up) Spoiler! Most of them are Indian.
  5. A poem called Let Me Handle My Biz, Damn by Morgan
    One of my goals this year is to read more poetry because it intimates me. To that end, I put the Poetry Foundation app on my phone & am taking an online class titled Ten PreModern Poems by Women. The app is great and the class is a little boring because the poems are boring. This one by Morgan Parker is not boring. http://bit.ly/1z5iMeq
  6. Instructions on a spring emotional detox.
    I did it & it worked? http://bit.ly/1CIYGS4 Thank you for sending it to me @laure You are BQ
  7. The web site of a non-profit run by a guy I have a crush on who has no idea that I exist.
  8. The weekly horoscope by the lovely Jessica Lanyadoo. She's the straight talking, punky little sister version of Susan Miller. I need them both.
  9. Letter of Recommendation from last weeks's NYT magazine on Kneipp Herbal Bath Oils.
    The tab is still open so I don't forget to order. http://nyti.ms/1KgVT8I
  10. A link to #11 Anarose facial toner by MUN.
    My first choice always is Vitale by In Fiore but it's pricey so I'm always looking for alternatives. Haven't pulled the trigger on this yet but will soon. http://bit.ly/1PBfCD4
  11. Another open tab with the oven roasted chicken shawarma recipe.
  12. A recipe for Claudio Roden's orange & almond cake.
    This recipe is surprisingly good and easy if you have the right equipment (kitchen aid or VITAMIX & a spring form pan) http://nyti.ms/1OpyW8W
  13. A link for RTH's market bag
    I really want a work bag that's large enough for my computer, lunch etc. This one from RTH is beautiful but I can't decide between this and the tumbled leather one from mansur gavriel. Luckily, I can't afford either so the decision isn't imminent! http://bit.ly/1HDXWDS
  14. A client sent me a link for an app called August that let me unlock her front door by just standing near it with my phone. Spooky + the future?
  15. Another poem, this one by Mary Oliver. I only just found out about her which is slightly embarrassing since she's pretty famous. This poem will slay you. It's call The Swan.
  16. The person next to me at dinner the other night said that it's really inexpensive to go to Norway right now. I have nothing to compare it to but she made me look it up so that I would believe her.
  17. I'll watch a trailer for almost any movie but Adult Beginners has Rose Bryne and Nick Kroll so now I also want to see the movie.
  18. I want at least three pairs of Sabah shoes so that I can always feel like a pasha in a palace while at home.
  19. A few months ago our house was burglarized & they took some really sentimental jewelry. The insurance check just arrived & I think I'll spent part of it on two of these brass bangles from Ursa Major. I'm prepared to be disappointed though since most bracelets don't fit my sturdy wrists.