Nothing ground breaking here, just the basics.
  1. Enough sleep
    I used to think it was a sign of strength to need less sleep. That's a goddamn lie. Nine hours is my magic number and it's not decadent. It's necessary, Side note, this is the aspect of becoming a parent that scares me the most.
  2. Quality skin care products
    Since it's where I spend my cat dollars, I'm obligated to believe it's worth it.
  3. Well made shoes
    Nice ones will last you years so if it's a classic/hard-working basic, get the best you can afford.
  4. A good haircut
    If you get a good hair cut, it will look good even if you don't keep it up, saving $$ in the long run. Plus, a haircut given by someone who understands hair and what looks good on you can make an enormous difference in how you look over all ie it makes your clothes look expensive even if they aren't. Double plus, nice salons give you bang trims for freeeeeeeee meaning that you can get away with having your hair cut less often. If you have bangs,
  5. Friends
    But like, good ones. Let the others fade away. Remember, just because you like someone doesn't make them a good friend.
  6. Saying no
    This is simple and empowering but challenging. Luckily, it gets easier the more you do it.
  7. Being clear about what you want.
    If you never say what you want, it's much harder to get it.
  8. Good food.
    Obviously. This is worth it on multiple levels.
  9. Kindness
    It's free and it goes a long way.
  10. Getting out of town
    Even a quick day trip offers gives you/me the opportunity for perspective. Bonus points if you go somewhere verdant.
  11. A walk outside.
    Costs nothing, benefits everything.
    Suggested by @brockbiv