1. SK II essential essence
    I want eternal youth & believe it's available over the Internet.
  2. Sextrology
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    Bound to solve all my problems. Update; this almost too on point.
  3. Jabra headphones
    Yet another attempt to find good enough headphones without paying for GOOD headphones
  4. 2 Joseph Campbell books
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    Another The Power of Myth because I can't find my copy and Reflections on the Art of Living.
  5. Heart Dust from Moon Juice
  6. A pair of Nike Court Magestics that I don't love in person but can't return because they were on final sale. Size 8.5
  7. Tumeric Supreme extra strength supplements
    Again in the name of eternal youth.
  8. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apparently it cures everything?
  9. Weleda Skin Food
    I love the name (I want to feed my skin!), the smell and the delivery system (tapered metal squeeze tube). Pocket size
  10. Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes
    For lazy people who like things to be clean
  11. Champagne vinegar
  12. Dwell magazine
    We are on page 54 & I'm very proud.