1. Sick People.
    Sick people are the worst. And in hospital, they're everywhere.
  2. Uncomfortable Chairs.
    They're either hard, sticky, or covered in vinyl that rips your skin when you finally get up to see the Dr.
  3. Grumpy Staff.
    They know you've been waiting for hours, just like every body else. They don't care. They're not paid enough to care.
  4. The TV Doesn't Work.
    It's fuzzy, or there is no sound, or it's tuned to infomercials. Take a book.
  5. Loud People.
    There is always someone in the room who needs you to hear their entire conversation. Please, shut the fuck up.
  6. Impatient People.
    They've "waited longer than everyone else" and their problems are far more serious than "that guy" the Dr just called in.
  7. Smells.
    Disinfectant mixed with cigarette smoke and bad cologne. If I wasn't sick before, I am now.
  8. The Water Cooler.
    It's always broken. They know it's broken, they don't care.
  9. Unsupervised Children.
    There is always that one child whose parent is too busy watching the fuzzy TV to care about the fact that they just stuck their snotty hands in the fish tank.
  10. Climate.
    It's either freezing cold, or suffocating and hot. There is no in-between.