Reasons Misha Collins Is The Best Celebrity

If you don't know Misha Collins, you should. #MishaShouldStartListing
  1. First of all, this...
  2. And this...
  3. He's the best dad, ever!
  4. And has heaps of fun with his kids!
  5. He's charitable!
  6. And he really gets involved in the charity, and the community!
  7. He has a real, and fantastic Social Media presence. #MishaShouldStartListing
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Snapchat.
  8. See...
  9. He gives great advice.
  10. He's become the best character on Supernatural.
  11. He's super sexy.
  12. And has a great sense of humour and fun.
  13. He's just the best.