Inane and possibly pertinent
  1. Can you break your vagina? If so, is mine broken?
    Things got weird and now something feels different.
  2. What's that smell?
    The line between what's normal and what's not so normal is oh so blurry
  3. Can you laser off nipple hair or will that affect my ability to breast feed?
  4. Do I have to wear a bra or can I get away without it?
    Swing low, sweet chariot?
  5. I went to a public water park today. On a scale of one to ten, how likely am I to contract a strange disease?
    Because on one of the slides the water went all the way up everywhere and now I'm worried.
  6. How many dating apps is too many dating apps?
    I'm on three but I only use two but also I'm obsessed ahhhhh validate me
  7. Are you there Buddha? It's me, Mishki.
    What's the actual deal with karma?
  8. Should I get a cat?
    My landlord said no but I'm feeling sneaky
  9. Rice cakes are healthy, right? How about if I slather them in Nutella?
    Zero carbs, zero Cals.