1. Irrational fears I have about the future
    Number one: being unprepared for the big earthquake that will inevitably hit LA
  2. Portraits from a small bladder
    Literally pictures of me half asleep every time I get up to pee in the middle of the night.
  3. Names for my body pillow.
    He seems like a Tad, but maybe that's too waspy.
  4. Movies I wish I'd written
    Mean Girls, obviously
  5. Places in California I keep planning to visit but never seem to find the time
    Big Sur, Ojai, Joshua Tree again. Generally, the outdoors.
  6. Mysterious injuries, a chronicle
    How did that bruise get there?
  7. Small things that give me joy
    Getting my nailz did. Moisturizing. A perfectly ripe avocado. Cheap gas. Silver shoes.