1. I start my car and ESPN radio comes on.
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    Not every time, but often enough. I used to beg my Dad to Puh-lease play some music! And now I love listening to live games on the radio. Especially baseball.
  2. My fridge
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    It's impossible to see any actual fridge surface at my parents house. New momentous events meant buying more magnets and tightening up the collage. Old pics never come down, only layered upon. I smile every time I open my fridge. ❤️📷
  3. Picasso print in the bathroom
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    This print has been hanging in my parents' porcelain kingdom since I can remember/potty trained. Their version is professionally framed and much nicer, but it used to embarrass me when I had friends over. (Omg! A butt! 🙊) Now I can't think of anything more perfect to hang in the bathroom. (All that ass 👌)
  4. Open it up (sniff sniff) Still good!
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    This photo is from today. I'm not exactly proud of this, but I am fascinated.. How long will this quart last!?
  5. While shopping together last summer, we came out of the dressing room in the same shirt.
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    Le sigh.