Yeah, no. Just no.
  1. Oreo Thins.
    Single stuf are also unacceptable.
  2. Watch your team play
    If it's not a finals/playoffs situation, I truthfully only care to watch my teams play. The exception being if I have numerous fantasy players involved, or if I'm sleeping with you. Then, I don't know, all of sudden, I do care about your team.
  3. Share mascara or eyeliner.
  4. "Let's make it a potluck!"
  5. Save money (or diet) by giving up alcohol.
  6. Call it brunch when you're meeting up at 10am.
  7. Invite everyone to everything every time
    Sometimes you just want or need a one-on-one hang.
  8. True Detective Season 2
    But I'm hate watching the shit outta this.
  9. Check your phone during a movie.
    Everyone can see the glowing light! It's so distracting.
  10. Split an entrée
    Touch my plate and die 😘
  11. Drive to Vegas.
  12. Single ply toilet paper
    This can't be where you skimp
  13. Donald Trump for President
  14. Answering your phone to say you can't talk right now.
  15. "No time to grab coffee"
    Fine, then. I won't be a functioning human being until such moment occurs.
  16. Flip to page 175 to finish reading this article.
    Make it fit, magazine.
  17. After seeing this word on a person's dating site bio: vegan.
  18. Defund Planned Parenthood
  19. Thinking you're fine without HBO
  20. Go camping.