1. BLD. Takes reservations which I highly recommend doing if you tend to turn into a hangry monster while waiting for a table like I do. 👻
    The blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes. Or the breakfast sandwich. Nom.
  2. Square One Dining. No reservations. Try to go on a weekday or the wait is crazy.
    They have a caramel bacon enriched syrup (it's more like melted icing) for your pancakes. And such good thick cut bacon.. Nom.
  3. More Than Waffles. If you don't mind schlepping to the valley.
    It's hidden behind a shopping center in Encino. Worth the trip. Everything is delish.
  4. Doughboys. If it's a weekend, your stomach is eating itself/can't deal with a long wait and didn't make reservations anywhere.
    So many options, endless menu. And yeah.. No epic line like Toast around the corner which is totally overrated.
  5. The Griddle. No reservations taken, so if you have nothing to do all day, wake up not hungry, or pack provisions for the always long wait, and if you don't have to be anywhere afterwards, totally prepared for the inevitable food coma, then by all means. Go here? Lol.
    Portions be massive. Heaping piles of food.
  6. Marcos Trattoria. If you're looking to get day wasted for cheap. (Also takes reservations)
    Bottomless mimosas for like $12? I can't remember 😜
  7. The Belmont. If you need to eat and watch the game. (Takes reservations)
    They make their own English muffins! And tvs everywhere, including outside on the front patio.
  8. Alcove. If you can't with pants and need to order out.
    The American panini. Nom
  9. Bottega Louie. I actually haven't been here. Heard it's great for dinner, too. It's next on my list.