Or reasons why I need Sirius xm. Or a car plug for my I-phone.
  1. Take me to Church
    Hozier is great. Used to like this song, but it's on every 5 seconds. Can someone please take this guy to church already? Thanks. 🙏
  2. Uptown Funk
    I might be alone on this but not my kind of funk. More like funky butt lovin! Amiright!?http://bit.ly/1AbftC6
  3. I Don't Fuck with You (radio version)
    I actually love this! Except when it's played on the radio. Every other word is bleeped, thus killin all gangsta mojo.
  4. I Don't Mind
    I just don't believe you, Usher. I think you mind.
  5. Happy.
  6. The Heart Wants it Wants
    A brooding Selena Gomez depresses me.