Getting My First Tattoo

For @Grosstastic One of the first people I told I was going to do this, and a cheerleader supporter throughout! 💁🏼
  1. I've wanted some ink since freshman year of college. Ten years later, I still wanted the exact same tattoo. The whole being an actor thing made me scared to do anything that would ever prevent me from getting a job, but now I'm about to turn 30. I have officially entered the giving zero fucks realm of life.
  2. I was researching the hell out of all LA's tattoo parlors, when a friend told me about Shamrock Social Club. Owned by Mark Mahoney, who's one of the best artists in the world, I learned this place is pretty much an LA institution. And it wasn't until I saw East the Asian Typhoon's designs on Instagram, that I discovered the exact design I wanted.
    David Beckham. Rihanna. Johnny Depp. Adele. They all get their ink done here. People fly in from all over for appointments with Mahoney and Shamrock's other resident artists. It was just a mile away from me! Sold. And sold.
  3. All appointments with East are made via text. I excitedly message East and he responds saying his first available opening is June 3rd. Excuse me!? It's January 16th, broheme!
    I was super bummed at the long waitlist, but apparently any place worth its salt has a wait. And there's nowhere else that does the single needle fine line, black and grey design like Shamrock. Nowhere.
  4. The day finally came and I couldn't have been more excited. Spent the day brunching, knocking back a few (3.. or 4) mimosas, trying not to think about getting jammed with a needle all afternoon.
    I wasn't drunk. Getting inebriated actually thins the blood, and makes it hurt more. I was happily buzzed.
  5. My friend came with me for moral support. I was feeling a little intimidated as a petite white girl rookie strolling in solo, but they were chill AF. Nothing to worry about.
  6. East was 40 minutes late. The only time I got nervous was waiting for him to arrive.
  7. It took longer for him to sketch the design on my wrist than it took to ink the actual tattoo. He put on a fresh pair of gloves each time he time he started the sketch anew. This place keeps it 💯 when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.
    It was easy sitting still while he went to work, but it was really difficult not to talk. I'm a nervous talker. But when you talk, you move, and when you move, the needle goes where it shouldn't! So, yeah. 🤐 😤
  8. It turned out perfect. The band goes all the way around like a bracelet. It's both dainty and feminine, exactly what I wanted. The cursive is my dad's script. I can't stop staring at it.
    There's no non-cheesy way to explain one's tattoo, but here we go: I moved out when I was 13. Always living so far away from those I love most can be hard. This is a reminder I want to see every day. Especially, when dark awful thoughts creep into your head and you're ready to just throw the towel in on life. "You could've just put a reminder note on the fridge," my parents said afterwards. LOL. Yeah, yeah. I know.
  9. Disclaimer: I originally wanted the cursive script on the inside of my wrist, and written so I could read it. East warned against this for two reasons. 1) The veins on the inside make it a bumpy surface and the lettering won't sit perfectly. 2) Everyone will ask, "What does that say?" And you'll constantly be flipping your arm around to show them.
    At first, I was like uhm, excuse me. You will not change my mind as to what I want. But then I realized East has been doing this for so long, has done so many tattoos, he truly knows what he's talking about. He said he'd do whatever I wanted but offered these as suggestions. I took them. And I'm so happy I did. It's true. I know what it says. I don't have to actually read it.
  10. People say once you get one tattoo, you get addicted and want more. False. There are zero other things that I feel as passionate about that I can even think of getting permanently inked on my body. This is it.