The legal battle at my old place continues, but I took a settlement and got the fuck out.
  1. Get cable and Internet installed
    First things first. I scheduled this before I even called the moving company.
  2. Shower and walk around naked
    Feeling the water pressure for the first time, discovering how far you have to turn the knob to get your perfect temperature of water. Then channel your inner Eve, do a few things around the apt nudeypants. I do this quite often. It's refreshing.
  3. Put up pictures on the fridge
    Instant home vibes in the kitchen.
  4. Cook a meal
    I made a 3-egg ham and cheese omelette, buttered whole wheat toast, with a chocolate brownie for dessert. (Brownie was not homemade, but I did heat it up in the microwave) A much needed monster lunch break which I ate in relaxing silence. The apt now smells like fried butter which I'm pretty sure is the scent of true love and comfort, and better than any candle.
  5. Invite friends over
    My best friend from NYC was in town for ONE night, the same day I had already scheduled my move, of course. Knowing I had to rally and make it out that evening seriously stressed me out, but motivated me to unpack as much as I could right away. After dinner, I had everyone over which again, sounded like a terrible idea, but was actually great. Waking up in a new apt can be disorienting, but when I walked into my living room the next day, it was already filled with fun memories.
  6. Bed, Bath and Beyond it up
    I am armed and ready with a zillion 20% off coupons. I need so many things! A rolling laundry basket, an iron/ironing board, a makeup drawer organizer, some new pots and pans, patio furniture (I have a huge back patio!).. The list keeps growing. My domestic shopping excitement is at a fever pitch. I just need money to buy it all, natch!
  7. Sleep solo the first night
    Moving into my old apt, this Australian guy I was dating came over to help me organize my furniture, order pizza, blah blah. It was really sweet, but when things died out, my place felt lonely without him, like something was missing. I set a bad precedence by not initially making it "my space." If you live alone, on the first night, do you. Proceed to get it in and christen the place any night thereafter.
  8. Explore the neighborhood by foot
    What's good, Weho!? Excited to find out what will be my coffee place, my "Cheers" bar/restaurant, my bank, and go-to grocery store. I feel a sense of ownership walking around, for these are now MY stomping grounds. Even though I've driven by these places hundreds of times, Greenblatts, The Laugh Factory, Bristol Farms- now they look different, now they are signals to me that I'm home.
  9. Who lives in West Hollywood? Jon and Vinny's is down the street! Leggo.