Let's get ready to fumble! 🏉
  1. I love Dan Snyder! So great how hands on he is with his team.
  2. I wish Rex Grossman was our backup.
  3. Jay Cutler's salary is totally legit
  4. Chris Collinsworth is such a charming and engaging commentator.
  5. I wanna hear more about deflate gate
  6. I trust Robert Kraft
  7. I hope the Titans/Buccaneers is the afternoon primetime game Week 1
  8. Let's get tickets to the Raiders game!
  9. So happy my computer froze at the beginning of my fantasy draft and my first round pick was autodrafted.
  10. JJ Watt is so underrated.
  11. I wonder what Rex Ryan is thinking? He's so retrained.
  12. Russell Wilson's miracle Recovery water comments make complete sense. I hope he keeps proudly endorsing it.
  13. Odell Beckham Jr's offseason of being treated like a superstar and having every whim catered to will make him a better football player.
    Suggested by @Adam
  14. I can only hope that my son will one day grow up to be a 490 pound man who rams his head into other 490 pound men until his enormously obese body and battered brain sputter out before I turn 60
    Suggested by @jakebrandman
  15. Me? Oh I'd take Eli over Peyton ANY day.
    Suggested by @Dustin
  16. Jon Gruden has nothing nice to say.
    Suggested by @KC_____
  17. Me, I would take Peyton over Eli, today!
    Suggested by @mkaltner