Requested by @mkz
Thank you for the request @mkz ! This was not one of my finest moments..
  1. I hate nye. It's the only holiday/event that makes me feel single as fuck. I prefer to take stock and make new year's goals during Rosh Hashana. Love that holiday! I don't even hate Valentines Day. Just this one night..
  2. I desperately needed a new dress, right!? I found this sparkly gem at Abercrombie kids. No shame. Size 10 (wtf) On sale. $38. So happy.
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    Check out @MirandaBerman 's list on things we don't "need" - so spot on.
  3. With my only other single gal pal in town, we ordered pizza, drank a bottle of champagne and a few shots before heading out.
    Conceal. Don't feel.
  4. Partied too hard at a friend's house in the hills.
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    He's wonderful and I'm so happy for his success. The view was killer. The crowd was weird. I kissed my gal pal at midnight.
  5. "Freezing" temps in my apt when I got home around 4. I thought it was just a terrible come down. I take half a Xanax to crash out wearing socks, sweatpants, a snow hat, and sweatshirt.
  6. Wake up the next morning feeling like ass hat, and realize I wasn't losing my mind, the heat in my apt is actually broken.
    It's considered an "emergency" in LA if the heat breaks and it's under 50 degrees outside. My apt building supplied me with space heaters until maintenance could come fix it the next day.
  7. I spend the rest of the day full of regret, horizontal on the couch, drinking hot tea to stay warm, and watching the winter classic.
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    Caps won. 🙌🏻