1. My dad is conservative. Mom is reform. My last name was probably something stellar like Bicksowitz or Bicksenfeld, but was chopped when my ancestors passed through Ellis Island.
    I feel Ya @paigeyp No one thinks I'm Jewish, either.
  2. As a kid, I lathered tons of Guldens, the gold standard Jew condiment, on my sandwiches. My Dad always smiled watching me do this, never explaining why until years later. Apparently my Pop-pop (his dad) loved Guldens, and made his sandwiches the same gross way. I never knew.
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    That's a pastrami from Greenblatt's. Canter's is so much better.
  3. Went to Hebrew school. The year of my Bat-Mitzvah, I went 3x a week, including private lessons. I had the third the longest Haftorah portion, Parsha Shemini. The feeling I had after leading the entire Friday night and Saturday service was more fulfilling to me than the party.
  4. The party was dope, though. A black tie, yet kid friendly affair. We had it on April 10 instead of my actual Bday, July 10, because my Mom thought everyone would be gone during the summer vacation.
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    I designed the pink boa dress and my best friend's Mom made it. She gave me the matching socks as a surprise present.
  5. Went to boarding school, so I never got confirmed.
  6. I took a Jewish philosophy class at NYU to fill an elective, and life was never the same. I had never thought about religion as a whole, or pondered that the stories in the Bible weren't actually true accounts, but allegories for life?! Mind. Blown.
    Better late than never, right? I guess I should clarify that I went to a ballet boarding school for high school. Academia was minimal and not encouraged.
  7. I love Jewish family traditions. It's beautiful how it brings everyone together. But ever since college, I stopped practicing on my own, much to my parents' chagrin.
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  8. I went to Israel a few years ago and fell in love with the country. A truly magical experience. The Old City so moving, and Tel-aviv- a bustling little city on the beach -would be amazing to live there.
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    People in Israel refer to themselves as a Jew. Never Jewish. You're not like a Jew, they say. You are a Jew.
  9. Somehow, I don't have that many Jew friends. I'm going to Easter brunch (I dig all traditional holiday gatherings) but no seders. Any ListAppers in LA hosting one? I can make a delish nut-free charoset. Haha 🍏🍷👌