No poker face 😐
  1. Video games past the Nintendo era
  2. The pull out method.
  3. Tapas restaurants
    I never want just a little plate of a good thing, and then also be expected to share it? Crazy.
  4. Fighting/boxing/MMA
    But Ronda Rousey- 💯
  5. Wes Anderson movies
    I know. I know. But it's my truth.
  6. Snapchat
    It's less not liking it, and more I just haven't even downloaded the app.
  7. Not having a cake at your wedding
  8. Pilates
  9. Comic books
    I haven't seen a super hero movie since Andrew Garfield was Spider-Man. So yeah. There's just too many! It's overwhelming.
  10. Your juice cleanse/diet/veganism/whatever LA diet fad is happening
    You do you! But it burdens our dinner dates.
  11. Flowers
    Oh, is that a chrysanth- jk. No clue.
  12. Having roommates
  13. Going somewhere other than Stout for a burger in LA
  14. Twin Peaks
    I couldn't get through the first episode.
  15. Watching golf