1. I trash the notice. Pretend it's not actually happening. 😎
  2. Google such news. How is this real? ⁉️????⁉️????
  3. Take notice out of trash. Begin to cry. 😰
  4. Get angry. Wtf. I'm going to rally the troupes and go Leslie Knope on your ass. 😡
  5. A tenant has already taken the reins and posted a notice in the elevator for us to unite and conquer, and is in the midst of hiring a lawyer to rep the tenants. 👏
    This person is remaining anonymous. Probably so everyone isn't knocking on his or her door. Not sure if anything will come of this, but I'm down to help in any way possible.
  6. Start looking for a new apt? And move? Again? Le sigh. I just moved into this building in November. 🙆 🙈
  7. Try to reel it in. It's Sunday and I have to wait until tomorrow to speak to management. Even though, I doubt they'll have any helpful news, it's hard to imagine they won't appeal, right?...😤
  8. Go for a run. Only way I can clear my mind.🏃🏃🏃🏃
  9. Perspective. I'm calm. Because if this is the worst thing to happen in my life right now, things are still good. 💆💗🌾
  10. Life keeps movin! Gotta hit the grocery store. Is Girls on yet? Take me away, Sunday night TV. 📺