I watched my team lose on Valentine's Day.
  1. 2 glasses of champagne
    Met up with friends at the Yard House at LA Live before the game. I actually took the subway there from Hollywood. Taking public transportation is nearly unheard of in LA, but the red line is a straight shot downtown and a delightful ride. Anyways, the Yard House has a wonderfully extensive craft beer list (all on draft!) But I was feeling all fancy and girly in my Caps jersey.
  2. 3 Jack and Diets
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    I feel your judgement, but there are three periods in hockey, and they are very stressful! The outdoor bar on the upper level has gorgeous views of downtown LA and last night, it was warmer out there than it was in the arena. It's so cold in there. I mean, I get it. The game is played on ice. I went downstairs during the first break to get a French dip. This was a key decision. And a delicious one.
  3. 2 glasses of sparkling rose
    We walked to the Ace Hotel and went up to the rooftop bar which also had lovely views of the city skyline. I ordered a rose and when they asked if I wanted the sparkling kind, the answer is always yes. A very strange and disturbing performance art thingy started around midnight.. I think. Could've been earlier. I'm five foot nothing and 85 lbs so the fact I was still up and at 'em .. High five!! ✋
  4. No water
    This was stupid. Today's struggle is real.