Called out by @ChrisK
  1. Signed up for every dating app my friends suggested, because why the fuck not! Eight first dates in the past two months- six dinners, two drink meet ups. Happn, Hinge, Bumble, and of course, Tinder. Jswipe is the WORST. I don't think I've swiped right even once. I'll never meet a nice Jewish man. Sorry, mom.
  2. The amount of new people on this app became very intimidating after so many months of being a small community. Seeing all these authoritative voices on so many different subjects, I became anxiety ridden. What kind of useful list could I possibly post?
    I totally enjoy just reading and liking all the entertaining and informative lists bravely posted by others.
  3. Because of the influx, it's natural that there'd be numerous people that already knew each other. Lists started to feel cliquey and exclusive, instead of inviting and open. I backed away. I realize that these are my insecurities and projections, and has absolutely nothing to do with ListApp itself or the people on it.
    It's cool. I'm in therapy.
  4. I have a saved draft entitled, "Best Boxed Cookies"- so maybe it was best I took a pause?
  5. UnReal, Halt and Catch Fire, Suits, and I just started Mr. Robot.
    Summer TV, baby!
  6. Finished reading "The Poser" by Jacob Rubin (highly recommend it), and now I can't seem to put down "All We Wanted was Everything" by Janelle Brown. Thought it was going to be a simple beach read, but it's really quite great. And I have East of Eden waiting for me on my beside table.
  7. These are all excuses. Like Drizzy said, "It's like a potluck, ya gotta come with it."
    Time to List on like a real OG.