1. I've stopped going on Facebook every day. Nothing else other than having no internet access has allowed me achieve this goal. ✔️
  2. I have an epic Internet girl crush on @videodrew and now I get to work with her while I recap Bloodline. 👯📺✏️
  3. I love seeing what people hate. I hate so many things. 🙅👊
  4. I really love seeing what people love. I love so many things. ❤️💕❤️
  5. There's talk of an LA chapter meet up and that would be dope. 🍸(also love that it's being referred to as a "chapter"👌)
  6. Taking @sophia 's top notch ListApp advice: I love making drafts of lists almost more than I like sharing them. Just starting a list means I'm organizing my thoughts and not smoking them out. Or ambien'ing them away. Not that there's anything wrong with that 🍁👌💊👍
  7. I have the most well-vouched for list of books to read. I'm halfway through The Dinner, and it stresses me out if I don't have the next book on my night stand, ready to go.📚
  8. Is my future husband on ListApp? Possibly! Haha. Cuz he's definitely not on Tinder. Especially, since I deleted my Tinder. 📲🔫
  9. Everyone on here is so smart, witty, generous, and informed on so many different subjects. I haven't posted in a week because I'm so entertained by everyone else's masterful lists! I've just become this comment/like/suggestion whore. 💬❤️💃 (Still scared of list requesting. Something to work on)
  10. @Grosstastic's explorations into new age sciences are broadening my horizons. 🔮
  11. The insomnia posts. As a fellow night owl, seeing new lists at 2:30am makes me feel less alone. 🌚 💖🌝
  12. Round of applause for @dev and @bjnovak !! 🏆💯🏆👏💯