To me, happiness is...

Happiness is such a broad idea that can change in meaning depending on the person's perspective. This is my personal interpretation of what happiness is. 🌟
  1. Having a relaxing conversation about everything and/or nothing with my loved ones
  2. Giving my mom a hug and her hugging me back
  3. Joking around with my dad, laughing at his corny puns to see him smile proudly
  4. My eldest brother assuring me he's proud of me
  5. My older brother telling me everything is going to be okay
  6. Petting my dog, hearing her purr contently
  7. Coming home after a long day and laying on my bed
  8. Looking up at the stars, feeling completely at peace with the world
  9. Gazing at nature and realizing things aren't as bad as I think they are
  10. Those rare moments where I forget about my anxiety and focus on the now