First off, thank you so much, @gayla!! I loved everything (: I know I'm posting this late, I've been super busy but I want everyone to see how great my secret santa was!
  1. First, a very adorable card which told me about my secret santa and also talked a little about each gift.
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  2. A Marshall University water canister (which is awesome because I love these) and a magazine from her area (really cool seeing what's important and going on in her community).
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  3. A lot of chewy candies (which are my favorite so thank you so much!) and a sticky with "Bury Me In West Virginia" stated on it (this found its way to my laptop).
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  4. And last but not least, super cute skull earrings which were crafted by my secret Santa herself!
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  5. I loved everything and I'm sorry it took so long for me to make a post and thank you!! I hope your holiday was amazing! Happy New Year!