A Southern California girl who thought she knew a thing or two about China. In actuality, that was all she knew before her visit - a thing. Maybe two.
  1. Forget about personal space.
    You're sharing the space with 1.4 million other human beings and that's not counting the visitors to the country. 😱
  2. Someone stepping into oncoming traffic is NOT looking for a death-wish.
    They're just trying to cross the road. 🙈🏃🏻‍♀️🛵🚲🚗
  3. No seat covers?
    Try no toilet seats. You may need to up your squat game before coming. Forget about toilet paper. BYO. 💩
  4. The videos you see online of crazy-packed subways are real. All of it.
    Want to ride in one? Get a running start and once that door opens, you bum-rush it in. I saw my life flash before my eyes, so I took a taxi instead. 🚈👀
  5. Want to show your love to Beijing?
    Get an "I ❤️ BJ" shirt. Wear it loud and proud. 🙄
  6. Dog was NOT on the menu.
    Dog was, however, merrily strolling alongside their 2-legged companion. 🐶
  7. Ghosts/spirits are said to be only about 3-feet tall.
    So, Who Would Win: Leprechaun vs. Ghost?? ⚔️
  8. You are in a communist country. 🇨🇳
    There is no such thing as a neutral newspaper, nor freedom of speech (the 3 T's 🙊), no FB/'Gram/Snap/Google and many others, so get off of this!