1. Am I being lazy by doing simplistic lists with no description?
  2. Should I be utilizing the photo feature more?
  3. Am I funny?
  4. Am I entertaining?
  5. Am I thought provoking?
  6. Am I even a writer?
  7. Is anyone actually reading anything I write?
  8. Should I just tell treat this like a blog post but every sentence gets a bullet point?
  9. Everyone else is finding new innovative ways to list every day.
  10. I'll never think of a new form of list.
  11. Maybe I don't know enough pop culture references.
  12. Why hasn't BJ Novak relisted me yet?
  13. Maybe I should just go back to Tumblr where it's safe and I have a mediocre following.
  14. What's it like to have over 10 favorites on a list?
  15. How do I trend?
  16. Pretty sure I have a great bio on here, but so do a lot of other people.
  17. Should I assume everyone here is famous enough?
  18. I don't have enough obscure, yet resonating thoughts.
  19. How many bullets do I get until I lose my audience's attention?
  20. I felt really special for being invited, and now I'm not sure.
  21. Is anybody out there?