10 Photos From My First Year On Instagram

Inspired by @jessicaz and @k8mcgarry and the rest of you lovelies.
  1. Blurred, filtered and crazy border? So 2012. 😝
  2. Seemed artistic? Whatever, I was on the lake so I was probably drunk. 🙈
  3. I still live for ocean sunrises and sunsets.
  4. My first year on Instagram featured A LOT of manicures.
  5. So pretty. And yes, War is vacuuming the driveway. 🙃
  6. Okay, maybe I'm actually a sucker for any sunset.
  7. I will get confetti for this list, even if I have to provide it myself!!!
  8. My first year (and most years since) also featured a lot of airplane window photos.
  9. Ah, the good ol' days, when the election results didn't make me physically ill!
  10. On brand.