Inspired by @readjulia
  1. Kleenex.
    I assume everyone keeps this on their nightstand?
  2. Phone charger.
  3. My mouth guard.
    I grind my teeth really badly in my sleep, so I sleep with one in each night. I always wake up in the morning, go wash it when I brush my teeth and then put it back in the case on my nightstand.
  4. A book.
    Or 10. Currently at a reasonable 4. Proud of myself for that.
  5. An issue of HGTV magazine.
    Or 10. Haha! I have an open shelf between the top of my nightstand and the drawer below and it's legit filled with issues.
  6. Chapstick.
    Total necessity.
  7. Advil liqui-gels.
  8. Gum. Stride spearmint gum to be exact.
    Not sure why I keep this on my nightstand instead of on top of my dresser by my door, since I always just grab a piece on my way out.
  9. Hand sanitizer.
    Another addiction, just like Chapstick, that I keep on my nightstand, in my car and in every purse I use often.
  10. Glass of water.