And here are my answers to the questions from @brazenhussy.
  1. Extrovert or introvert?
    Introvert. Which surprises most people because I have a fairly outgoing personality, I have a lot of friends and I'm really good with people. But I definitely need recovery time after being around others and honestly I would always rather be by myself than with anyone else.
  2. Do you have physical scars? If so, what from?
    I have plenty of scars cause I'm a hot mess. Two most obvious ones are my thumb (see previous 20 questions for story) and my right leg, to the inside of my knee. That one I got after cutting my leg on a fence while shearing sheep with my family when I was a kid. My mom wasn't the most compassionate person so when I told her it was bleeding really bad, she told me to just go inside. She came in 2 hours later and was like 'that definitely needed stitches, oh well, too late now, you'll be fine.'
  3. What religion were you raised, if any?
    My mom was raised both Catholic and Baptist (and was baptized twice the same day because her families couldn't agree) so she always tried to let religion be more of our decision. After my grandpa died (she lost her mom at 2 and dad at 24), my mom kinda went on a church seeking mission and we tried everything (including one that was really, really weird). We eventually settled into a church I loved, a non-denominational one where the preacher was a sheep farmer as well. (Oh, small town Montana!)
  4. What religion do you practice now, if any?
    I consider myself a non-denominational Christian. I go to a large, multi-campus church here, which was a big adjustment for the small town girl. But I really like it, despite my efforts not to, haha! I also am a member of a bible study through my church. It can be hard to balance my spiritual beliefs with my political ones (I'm really liberal) at times, but the whole point of being a Christian is just to love God and love people, and I think I'm fairly good at that.
  5. Are you registered to vote?
    I am and I do. Sometimes I'm the only person under 50 in the building to vote (usually during non-presidential elections) and that depresses me.
  6. Favorite Dr. Seuss story?
    It's probably cliche, but I love Oh, The Places You'll Go.
  7. Consistent quality in the majority of people you're attracted to?
    Smart. Charming. Glasses. That's pretty much the equation, haha! Trying to change it to smart + kind + glasses though. 😝
  8. How old were you the first time you fell in love?
    Oh, probably 17. But that was just puppy love for my best friend at the time. Really fell in love was 27. He wasn't deserving though (which I don't feel bad for saying, because he would tell you the same thing.)
  9. What item/thing that you consider a luxury will you not live without?
    Too many things, probably. I never would have been able to live 100 years ago. But I'll say my Keurig is number one. I legit don't remember how to make coffee in a regular machine anymore. 🙈
  10. What celebrity would you lose your [mind] over if you met at a dinner party?
    Hmm, good question. I've met quite a few through my work and I didn't lose my mind too much (although I generally don't have too much to say). Probably Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Love that woman and would probs just up and die if we got to have dinner together.
  11. Worst year of school and why?
    8th grade, I suppose. I never really had trouble in school but my parents got divorced and my mom moved across the state while I was halfway through 8th grade. I stayed with my dad for a month and then moved after the quarter ended. That's just a hard time to change schools for a kid and the two quarters of 8th grade I had in my new school kinda sucked. But then I made friends and high school was just fine.
  12. Where were you born?
    Crow Agency, Montana. I always joke that I was switched at birth (I don't look or act like my family) but my mom says she was the only half Indian at the Indian hospital, so I must be hers. Still not sure I believe it though.
  13. Where would you most like to live?
    Italy or NYC or San Fran or DC, depending on the day you ask me. 😝
  14. What languages do you speak?
    English is the only one I speak well. I took 3 years of Spanish in school but can't say much anymore. I'm doing Rosetta Stone for Italian now, but while I'm good at learning/understanding it, I wouldn't say I'm any good at speaking it.
  15. What are you addicted to?
    I agree that we're all addicted to something...most of us, more than one thing. For me, I would say coffee or the Internet.
  16. Are you kind to yourself on a regular basis? How?
    Yes, I am. I love myself...more than I love anyone else. I am learning how to slow down a little (I call myself a recovering workaholic), I work out with a trainer, I give myself lots of space from others (a necessity for me at times), I do the things I enjoy, and I appreciate who I am, even if I am always on a quest for self improvement.
  17. How do you feel about your body?
    Self esteem has never been a problem for me. I would like to be taller because I hate not being able to reach anything. I wouldn't mind having more of a booty, cause mine is flatter than I'd like. But I legit smile every single time I see myself in the mirror. I honestly can't help it. I think most people would say I should lose weight or do something with my hair besides a messy bun all the time, but whatevs. I'm super cute already. 💁🏼
  18. What is something that people assume about you that drives you crazy?
    Hmm, good question. I think that maybe sometimes people think I couldn't hack it as a lawyer since I have a law degree and I'm not one. I hate having to explain away my law degree. It should be a benefit but sometimes it feels like it's the opposite. I never went to law school wanting to be a lawyer. There are lots of reasons: I wanted the education, it interested me, I wanted an advanced degree, I wasn't ready for the real world. But being a lawyer wasn't one of them.
  19. Which of your views on the world has changed most drastically in your lifetime thus far?
    Oh Lord...all of them, haha! I grew up in a small town in Montana and I would say I was pretty small minded. I grew up thinking I was a Republican, but I am not. At all, haha! My opinion on pretty much every social issue has changed (thank goodness) along with how I view my country vs. my world, how I see race and gender and just everything really.
  20. What are you really good at?
    Grammar. Giving advice. Procrastinating. Caring about all the problems in the world. Baking.