Evidently I no longer sleep, so here are my answers to the questions posed by @dad3.
  1. First Concert?
    Honestly, I don't really remember? It was someone country...maybe a couple acts? At the state fair. I didn't go to a ton of concerts growing up...the joy of living in Montana, where most performers didn't have shows. First one I really remember was Hanson (oh yeah, judge away) at the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado when I was about 12.
  2. Stripes or solids?
    Stripes, always! I'm a sucker for a pattern. Stripes, polka dots, paisley, chevron, I'll take them all! :)
  3. Who would star as you in a movie about you?
    Hmm. Good question. I know most people have someone off the top of their head, but I really don't. Maybe Ginnifer Goodwin though. I love her and she often plays characters that are similar to me.
  4. Where do you go when fast food is in order?
    I'm not a huge fast food fan, but (despite their blah political opinions) I do love me some Chick-fil-A every now and then.
  5. Favorite chip?
    I'm also not a big fan of chips. (I'm a really picky, boring eater.) I guess tortilla chips, though?
  6. What animal best defines you?
    I'm also not a huge animal person. (I swear I'm not as terrible as this list so far has made me seem, haha!) I do like sheep and ducks, though, but I'm not sure I want either of those to define me. 😛
  7. My DQ order?
    DQ being Dairy Queen I assume? I like their ice cream cakes but that's not really an order, so I guess a small Snickers Blizzard.
  8. Worst injury ever sustained?
    I've been pretty lucky, especially considering how clumsy I am. I did faint a few years ago while carrying some drinks and I cut my hand on the broken glass. Had to get 6 stitches on my thumb.
  9. Favorite pastime?
    Reading would be P1, but really anything that is quiet and allows me to be by myself is up there.
  10. If you were a color, what would it be?
    I would say yellow because I have a pretty sunshiney personality, but maybe not over-the-top bright yellow. 😊
  11. Apple or other?
    Apple. I have been iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc, for quite some time but only switched to a MacBook about two years ago. I don't imagine I'll go back.
  12. Morning or night?
    I'm a total night owl. Clearly.
  13. My go to song?
    This changes constantly. I fall in love with a song, listen to it over and over until I'm bored and then start the cycle over. Current favorites include: Always You by Ingrid Michaelson, It's Tricky by Run DMC and pretty much everything on Reba's Number 1 hits album. I have eclectic taste. 😉
  14. Most recent book you have read and would recommend?
    I'm currently reading approximately 50 books. No joke. Just finished Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit and I would say it's worth a read.
  15. I couldn't live without this flavor?
    Peppermint, I suppose. I'm a sucker for my peppermint mocha coffee creamer each morning.
  16. Number of times you participated in TPing someone's house?
    None that I recall. I know my friends talked about it once but I don't remember us actually going through with it. I was a pretty straight-and-narrow kid (and adult).
  17. If you could have one thing you don't have today (not money) what would it be?
    I recently left my job and am trying to figure out what I want my next step in life to be. I suck at making decisions and am a total perfectionist, so it's really hard. Thus, I wouldn't mind having my dream job. (Whatever that may be.)
  18. Gotta get away, where you going?
    The beach, always. I love going home to Montana from time-to-time, I have a few places on my must travel here soon list (Italy is my P1 right now) but I love the beach and I go quite a few times a year. There's nothing like the sound of the waves and the vastness of the horizons to help you clear your head/remember it's bigger than you.
  19. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be, mentally speaking?
    Hmm. I'm pretty fond of my brain, it has served me well, and I like my personality, so not a lot of mental changes come to mind. I guess I would say that although I don't mind being an introvert at all, I would like to have a little more patience with other people. Because I demand so much of myself, it's easy for me to be too tough on others as well. I'm constantly trying to work on being a little more patient and a little more present with the people in my life.
  20. Something about you that has yet to be shared?
    I've been going to therapy for two years and I love it. I've always been fairly self aware and probably too calm/stable, but I still think anyone can benefit from therapy. I started going because I'm on a constant quest for knowledge/self improvement but I keep going because it's so refreshing to talk through the things happening in my life with someone that legit has no self interest in it (unlike even well-meaning family and friends) other than to see me be the healthiest version of myself.