2016: a photo for each month

Inspired by everybody. 😊
  1. January
    I got this phone on January 30th, so didn't have many pics to choose from. But he's Charlotte looking alright at night.
  2. February
    My first trip to Charleston. It was lovely.
  3. March
    Threw Mom a surprise 50th birthday party.
  4. April
    Lovely Ocean Isle...made many trips there this year. 😍
  5. May
    Rode a horse for the first time in quite a while.
  6. June
    Made a quick trip to Wisconsin and enjoyed this stunning sunset.
  7. July
    I didn't take this pic, but here is my sweet nephew celebrating the 4th of July.
  8. August
    Speaking of nephews, here is Nephew No. 3 and I enjoying some snapchat fun.
  9. September
    My famous strawberry shortcake cupcakes...before I added the homemade whip cream frosting.
  10. October
    Train ride beauty.
  11. November
    Election night. Enough said.
  12. December
    Went and saw some pretty Christmas lights last night.