Cause I'm long winded, y'all!
  1. For those of you that remember, I recently asked for Disneyland tips because my parents were taking my little brother there last week.
  2. After the election, I needed a dose of family and I'm trying to take advantage of my current funemployment to spend more time with them anyway. So when I found a cheap flight last minute, I decided to join them!
  3. We met in Vegas and then drove to LA. I was there with them for a week, but had to come back to NC to attend a concert for my friend's birthday so I missed the second week in Arizona with my niece and nephew, bummer!
  4. We fit in a lot of fun!
    We originally planned to go to San Diego to go to the zoo, but we ran out of time. But, still, we got to go to Santa Monica Pier, Universal Studios, La Brea Tar Pits, Disneyland and California Adventure and spend another afternoon at the ocean, so I was impressed with us!
  5. My stepdad is currently in a wheelchair (he has a lot of health issues, but was feeling the best he has in two years for our trip, so I'm thankful for that!) but we found most places to be super accommodating!
  6. Thank goodness I went because my parents are a hot mess, especially my mom, when it comes to planning so according to them, I swooped in and saved the day! 😝
  7. Plus, let's be honest, I am my brother bear's favorite person, so he needed me there for his big adventure. 😊
  8. But enough rambling. I know y'all are really here for the pics!
  9. Static
    The first night, we stayed at the state line and I was rewarded with this beautiful sunset. (And reunited with this beautiful boy!)
  10. Static
    I don't remember when or why we took this selfie, but dang I love my sweet boy so much! 💙
  11. Static
    My mom showed me this notebook on the first night and said 'when I die, read this first! It has all the info you'll need!' I excitedly took a picture to show you all, because yay, but I think she thought it was because I wanted to remember which book she said to read. Yes, Mom, that too.
  12. Static
    The next day, Mom wore a romper to go clothes shopping with me. She's crazy. But she wanted me to take a 'model picture' of her, so enjoy.
  13. Static
    After our trip to the outlet mall, we got on the road to LA. I drove the rest of the trip until I drove myself to LAX because my parents are officially old. I'm a bad driver but better than them now, woohoo! I saw this amazing road sign and wished War and I had been playing the alphabet game like Sonny and I used to during road trips when we were young bucks.
  14. Static
    We stopped so my stepdad could use the restroom and Warsy and I had another photo shoot, cause why not?
  15. Static
    Mom is a great photographer.
  16. Static
    Anyway. LA traffic was terrible but we made it to the Santa Monica Pier just in time to see the sun go down. 😍
  17. Static
    And then my bubba got to play in the ocean for the first time ever! I was freezing but he loved it!
  18. Static
    Then we went to the pier where we had dinner and I did not punch the man who was preaching 'Go Trump, God hates Muslims,' so as a reward for my good behavior, War and I rode the Ferris wheel.
  19. Static
    And all the other rides. I don't recommend bumper cars in a dress.
  20. Static
    I really liked the hotel I picked for that night and it had this adorable trolley to take us to Universal the next morning.
  21. Static
    Off to a solid start! I didn't care about taking my picture with this guy, but I still have not forgiven my family for taking a picture with Curious George without me while I was getting Starbucks. They're the worst.
  22. Static
    But, honestly, they made the best cold brew with vanilla sweet cream ever, so Starbucks was still worth it. Some of the rides at Universal were a little too hardcore for War, but he did love the minion ride.
  23. Static
    And he made us ride it several times.
  24. Static
    And pose with every Minions character we saw!
  25. Static
  26. Static
    Every. One.
  27. Static
    I took lots more pics, but I'm bored so let's just sum it up by saying we had a pretty fun day!
  28. Static
    And Universal Studios was a good time.
  29. Static
    Dad needed a rest day the next day, so we kept it more low key. Drove around and looked at houses (my favorite thing to do anywhere) and then took War to see the Hollywood sign. I kept telling Warrior to 'smile like a human' but it didn't always work so well. And yes, he's wearing the same outfit because boys will be boys.
  30. Static
    Then we went to the La Brea Tar Pits, which my stepdad and War were super into! I enjoyed it a little too, and Mom ditched us to go eat at some food trucks across the street. So pretty typical actually.
  31. Static
    The fossils were pretty cool.
  32. Static
    And Warrior got this wooden snake, which slept with us the rest of the week, so you know, that was fun.
  33. Static
    Also, speaking of sleeping, my cuddle buddy wore these Pikachu pajamas and even though I know nothing about Pokemon or whatever, he was still ultra cute.
  34. Static
    That night, we drove to Anaheim and got ready for our Disney adventure! We also enjoyed this pretty little sunset while eating chicken and taking a break from traffic. I'm pretty used to it, but my sweet Montana family is not and being in the car too long is hard on my stepdad.
  35. End of part 1. Disney list to come soon. 😝