Charlotte Women's March

Proud of you all for joining marches today and supporting in other ways if you couldn't make it to one. Here's a little bit about my morning at the Charlotte, NC march.
  1. I had a sign...
  2. It was two sided...
  3. So did my best friend...
  4. Also two sided...
    Our signs were a big hit with everyone we saw, especially hers! (I glued this side for her, which is why it's not as nice and straight as her other side, haha!)
  5. And there were lots and lots of people!
    Originally they'd planned for 5,000 but estimates after the march were somewhere around 15 to 20,000. Yay Charlotte!
  6. The skies were gray...
    ...but it didn't start raining until about an hour after we were done, yay!
  7. Before we got started...
  8. ...I made sure to take a little time to take it all in. And appreciate that I was able to take this small stand for all the marginalized people in our country.
  9. People were all around us!
  10. It took a while to get started...
    Because just like on the highway here, merging is hard for people.
  11. And because they originally wanted us to stay on the sidewalks.
  12. But once they realized how many of us were there, they decided to block off the route and let us walk through the road.
  13. The next generation was very well represented in CLT!
  14. There were a lot of great signs.
  15. A personal fave.
  16. Here are a few more I took pictures of today.
  17. This whole group (moms and daughters) brought their A-Game.
  18. Hard to read but loved this quote.
  19. Hero. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
    People were lined up almost the whole route with signs of their own cheering us on.
  20. I liked this sign too.
    It was actually the lady's, but this guy held it for her while she took pictures of our sassy signs.
  21. Another personal fave.
    I tell people this all the time.
  22. Another great quote.
  23. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  24. Once people were done, they all waited for everyone else to finish.
    My favorites were the people like this we saw in all the parking garages. 😊
  25. I'm really glad we went. Even if we didn't get to meet up with the other half of our group until it was over since the beginning was crazy.
  26. It was really nice to have this dose of encouragement and reminder that even though he won, good people do outnumber the bad.
  27. And now I'm ready for the next step. Keep up the pressure, y'all!
    We. Are. Not. Going. Back!!!