Inspired by @victoriaedel's list about Happy Endings: HAPPY ENDINGS CHARACTERS RANKED
  1. Abed
    Yes you are, Cutie! I love sweet Abed! I always have a soft spot for nerdy weirdo types, and honestly he's so quietly funny through the entire show!
  2. Troy
    I die for the love between Abed and Troy, so that's definitely part of the reason he is ranked so high. I also love that he's a cry baby and that's he's played by Donald Glover, duh.
  3. Annie
    She's probably the most like me out of all the characters, so of course I love her.
  4. Dean
    He always makes me laugh and I love how much he cares about his dumb job. Plus he is unapologetically himself.
  5. Jeff
    He starts out such a mess but ends up really caring about everyone. And kinda holds them all together. It's endearing.
  6. Shirley
    I have nothing against Shirley but she's just not as fun as the others.
  7. Pierce
    He should be ranked last because he's so racist and I know it's supposed to be a joke but blah! But his performance in this song is one of my favorite parts of the whole series.
  8. Britta
    She's the worst!
  9. Chang
    Giphy downsized medium
    Except Chang is the actual worst. He was pretty funny as their teacher but then it's like they had no idea how to really use him the rest of the series.