Inspired by @bjnovak via @angusisley - I maybe should have made mine longer than seven, though, because I didn't have my first 'real' (i.e. post-school, grown up) job until lucky number 10. 😬
  1. Nanny for two kids.
    I was 13 and nannied all summer for a 4-year-old and a baby. Who lets a 13-year-old watch their baby all day?!? Oh, small town Montana people in the 90s, that's who. 😉
  2. Nanny for four kids.
    The next summer. Who lets a 14-year-old watch 4 kids?!? Oh, people from an even smaller town in Montana in the 90s, right. One of the boys had been in the kindergarten class I aided in my freshman year of high school and I guess I must have met his mom that way. The kids were...not very well behaved. But I did survive the whole summer!
  3. Barista at a coffee stand.
    Worked there for a couple years in high school and genuinely loved every minute!
  4. Desk clerk/office manager at a hotel.
    My mom's friend owned a hotel and I worked there the summer after I graduated high school and the next summer and semester I took off to switch colleges. It was not glamorous, but I learned a lot. My first summer, they had a manager but after she left, I took over doing all the front office stuff, which I enjoyed cause I'm a nerd.
  5. Assistant at a law office.
    While in undergrad, I worked for an attorney with his own small practice. I did a lot of organization/administrative work for him but he also really let me help with a lot of real estate legal work as well. I enjoyed it, even though he was very socially awkward. Super nice though!
  6. Advising Assistant in my college's business school.
    This is where I met my friend Jaime (from my BFF list, which I can't link now without drafts). I loved this job! Everyone we worked with was super great and it meant I got to be very spoiled (because I also was attending said business school) cause all the professors knew and loved me. I basically helped my fellow students figure out their classes each semester and kept them on track to graduate.
  7. Research Assistant for the NSLI
    I worked for my favorite professor and the sports law program for my final two years of law school. I did all sorts of random things, planning student events and our yearly conference, legal research and writing, creating databases of sports law information, alumni relations, etc. I enjoyed it quite a bit...well, except the legal research part. That's never been my favorite thing. 😉