1. I was going to write a list about Giving Tuesday and some of my favorite charities to support.
    And at some point, I probably will still write about my favorite charities because I love them.
  2. But this list by the completely lovely @dreadpiratemama is 💯: Giving Tuesday: Helpful Hints
  3. She gives great information and tips.
  4. All I would add is focus on the charities with the missions that are nearest and dearest to your heart.
    I know for me personally, I give (of my money, time, attention) so much more enthusiastically when I'm giving to charities related to social justice, homelessness, human and women's rights. For you, it could be a disease or kids or the environment or anything.
  5. Whatever you're passionate about, you can find a charity related to it.
  6. Find it, love it, support it in whatever ways you can.
  7. 💙💙💙