1. I don't think I've mentioned this, but I recently moved back to Montana while I try to sort out where I want to live and what I want to do/try to get my life together.
    Don't feel bad. I didn't tell anyone else either, including most of my friends who I was moving away from...oops!
  2. Anyway, my roommate from Charlotte came to visit last week and I made sure to introduce her to Glacier Park.
  3. We wanted to do a boat tour of Lake McDonald but it was sold out, boo!
  4. It was still gorgeous though!
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  8. Even my 8-year-old brother took a few stunning pictures!
  9. After we had lunch and explored the lake, we decided we wanted to do a hike.
  10. We first settled on a 2 miler that looked easy, but we decided we wanted prettier views.
  11. So instead, we did a 4.5-mile trail that was fairly strenuous.
    Oh and had been shut down the day before because of bears.
  12. I thought I might die like twice (the last climb before the descent to the lake was especially killer) but we made it!
  13. And it was really pretty (as was the entire hike, cause Glacier Park is basically perfection).
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  16. This kid hated us for most of the hike, especially on the steep climbs, but even he had a good time. 😊
  17. We all did.
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  30. So, if you ever visit Montana, make sure you go to Glacier Park.
  31. And if you go to Glacier Park, see Lake McDonald, drive on the Going to the Sun road (we could only go part way cause the middle is still closed for snow) and do the Avalanche Lake hike if you can.
  32. Just be careful. It can make for an exhausting day. 😉